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Cold Heading Advantages

The cold heading process has many advantages over machining. These include reduced material scrap which in turn leads to reduced production costs. With our innovative technical expertise and advanced heading and secondary equipment, Chicago Rivet has created significant cost savings for our customers through cold heading as compared to alternative production processes. Cold heading also allows for close repetitive and consistent tolerances at high speed, optimal for large volume requirements. With the proper engineering design, we also have the ability to produce intricate designs and shapes that may not be cost effective with other manufacturing methods.

Examples of complex cold headed parts made on 5 die-5 blow progressive headers

Cold Heading Advantages
Cold Heading Advantages
Cold Heading Advantages
Cold Heading Advantages

Chicago Rivet has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations since 1920. Contact us to see if we can help reduce your production costs while providing the type of functionality and quality to meet your most challenging applications. Chicago Rivet's fastener division is ISO/IATF 16949 certified.

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