Not all challenging rivets have complex geometry. The required metal and unique application can present challenges as well. Chicago Rivet produces millions of fasteners for the automotive industry that must be “defect-free”-tougher than most other industry standards. In this example, a medium carbon steel conforming to F-2282 industry standard, has inherent cracking potential due to the nature of the alloy. So in order to produce a defect-free part, numerous avenues had to be explored. Those included working with the source material suppliers, modifying existing internal processes, as well as introducing highly automated optical camera detection systems, to ensure full specification compliance. The result is an innovative design that serves as a critical fastener on a high-volume automotive platform.

Project Name & Description

Crack-free Automotive Studs

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cold heading and Automated Optical Inspection

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

1-die, 2-blow header

Overall Part Dimensions

Varied: ¼ – ¾” length, 3/16” – ¼” tenon dia.

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Medium carbon steel

Material Finish

Rust preventive

Industry for Use


In Process testing/Inspection Performed

Multi angle perspective and view of part to ensure all specifications are in compliance



Delivery/Turnaround Time

Automotive stocking arrangement and weekly releases

Delivery Location

USA and Mexico

Standards Met

IATF 16949