Six air-powered riveting heads for setting cutlery/compression-type rivets. Left bank of heads (Ref. 1,2 & 3, click image to enlarge) installs and slightly flares the ends of three tubular rivets. This allows the operator to remove the sub-assembled cutlery, with rivets in place, invert part and place in locating fixture under right bank of heads (Ref. 4,5 & 6, click image to enlarge). The heads are cycled to feed and insert the three solid rivets to complete the assembly. Unit is equipped with separate foot switch controls for each bank of heads along with safety probe guarding of riveting areas.

Custom High Volume Riveting Machine Specifications

Product Name

Pneumatic powered riveting unit

Product Description

Custom riveting unit for high volume cutlery assembly


  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Switches for independent head control
  • Front and rear guards equipped with Lexan windows for easy viewing & inspection of moving parts
  • Custom locating fixtures to insure proper rivet placement
  • Safety guarding

Industry for Use