The product highlighted here is a terminal stud requiring thread rolling of 2 different thread sizes, knurling, heat treating and final finishing. Made of aluminum, it features a .406″ head diameter, and .040″ head height. The body/shoulder is .170″ in diameter and .453″ in length, while the shank/tenon has a diameter of .314″/.117″, and a length of .122″/1.116″, with tolerances of +/-.002″.

The initial order of 50,000 pieces was manufactured utilizing our cold heading, threading, and knurling capabilities. Once formed the studs were tumble deburred, vacuum heat treated, and received a clear, iridite finish.

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Cold Headed Aluminum Stud Specifications

Product Name

Cold headed aluminum stud terminal

Machine Capabilities

Semi-automatic unit that meets high production demands

Capabilities/Applied Processes

Cold Heading

Heat Treatment

Tightest Tolerance

+/- .002″

Stud Terminal Dimensions

Head Diameter: .406″ (10.3124 mm)
Head Height: .040″ (1.016 mm)

Body/Shoulder Diameter: .170″ (4.318 mm)
Body/Shoulder Length: .453″ (11.5062 mm)

Shank/Tenon Diameter: .314″/.117″
Shank/Tenon Length: .122″/1.116″


Clear iridite


Collar Stud

Secondary Operations Applied

Tumbling, vacuum heat treat, threading, knurling

Industry for Use