Male-Female Compression Fit for CutleryAmong the varied types of fasteners and industries served, Chicago Rivet is trusted to produce fasteners for high-end cutlery. Made of nickel-silver and requiring tight dimension tolerancing,these parts are manufactured to “compression-fit” an application with life-time warranty.

Project Name & Description

Male-Female Compression Fit for Cutlery

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cold heading, Secondary knurling, Automated Optical
Inspection Equipment.

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

1-die, 2-blow header

Overall Part Dimensions

Female: ~1/2” long, <0.15” dia. with extruded hole;
male designed with knurl for compression fit with
.107” hole

Tightest Tolerances

< ±0.001”

Materials Used

Nickel Silver
Stainless Steel

Material Finish


Industry for Use