This oblong shoulder rivet was a special high volume component; it was designed with an elongated head, an oval shoulder, and an off-set shank. The customer supplied engineering drawing called out dimensions of .945” head diameter, and .075” head height, .630” body/shoulder diameter, and .159” body/shoulder length. The shank/tenon featured a diameter of .275” and .335” in length. Composed of medium carbon steel; manufacturing required the use of cold heading, shaving, deburring, and annealing. We manufactured approximately 2 million of these parts annually, in holding to tolerances of +/- .007”.

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Cold Headed Oblong Shoulder Rivet Specifications

Product Name

Cold headed oblong shoulder rivet

Part Description

This intricate, carbon steel cold headed oblong shoulder rivet including a flat shank offset is used within an automotive application.

Capabilities/Applied Processes

Cold Heading
Shaving/ Deburring


Material Used


Overall Dimensions

Head Diameter: .945″ (24.003 mm)
Head Height: .075 (1.905 mm)

Body/Shoulder Diameter: .630″ (16.002 mm)
Body/Shoulder Length: .159″ (4.0386 mm)

Shank/Tenon Diameter: .275″ (6.985 mm)
Shank/Tenon Length: .335″ (8.509 mm)


  • Intricate head design
  • Flat shank offset

Industry for Use


Volume/ Quantity