This unit consists of two air-powered, Model 173 riveters mounted on a steel table with provisions to manually adjust each head to suit riveting centers. Also included were manually operated fixture blocks. This tooling enabled customer to place fixture in riveting position and manually rotate the fixture to set rivets (2 per cycle) at required locations. For operator safety, the unit included Lexan guarding which covered the tooling area and dual optical-touch buttons for cycling the unit.

We built a similar riveting system for a separate customer. The main difference was the fixture block being manually placed in the riveting position, and an automatic indexer rotated the part to each rivet location.

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Custom Riveting Machine Specifications

Product name

Pneumatic powered riveting unit

Product Description

Custom riveting unit for high volume electrical switch assembly

Riveting Machine Capabilities

Semi-automatic unit that meets high volume production demands


  • Manually adjusted head position to suit required riveting center
  • Manually loaded & positioned part fixture for positioning parts to set rivets at required location
  • Safety guarding

Industry for Use